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Die casting is a manufacturing process in which the molten metal is poured or fed into molds, also known as dies and tools, created from steel and specially designed for each project. This allows each component to be made with precision repeatability.

Each product is different depending on it’s design or alloy used. For that reason, SIAM offers different manufacturing solutions. It is guarantees the selection of the right process for the right product and its use/application.

SIAM is equipped with several furnaces and injection presses:

  • Hot Chamber injection presses from 20 To 125 T.
  • Cold room injection press from 250T to 700T.
  • Melting furnaces, metering and induction heaters.
  • Hydraulic presses


  • Complex parts manufacturing
  • Variable wall thickness
  • Reduced tolerances
  • Minimizing the steps between raw materials and the finished product
  • Short production cycles
  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Extended tool life
  • Reduced production cost
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